Hmmm! Should You be Concerned about Your Cholesterol?

Hmmm! Should You be Concerned about Your Cholesterol?

You did your annual blood test. Your doctor says you have too much cholesterol showing up in various lipoproteins, whatever those are. He says you need to take a statin, whatever that is, to reduce the amount. So this is a big question. Should you be 

What do Diabetes and Epilepsy have in common?

This morning I watched a youtube presentation from the latest low-carb summit (Low Carb Breck 2018) by Dr. Eric Kossoff, specialist in epileptic children and ketogenic diets.  It brought back a memory. Two years ago I wandered the aisles in the health food store in 

The Psychology of Subtraction

Think about this. What food, what supplement, what medication can you take or feed to your family to fix their health?  Do you have or know children with sick brains? Do you have a parent with a sick brain? The fix is usually not in 

The Magic – God’s Little Backup Plans

Do you actually enjoy a crisis?  Half of my automobile trunk is taken up with an actual spare tire on an actual wheel rim. Why? Because the idea of being out in the middle of nowhere with a no spare (or even a donut tire)  

What bothers men the most? A big waist or erectile dysfunction?

There seems to be no end to the number of ailments aggravated or caused by diet. And it seems to be tough for people to give up eating the stuff they just love in the interest of  avoiding body fat or an ailment. But some ailments, 

Stop banging on the door. Use your key!

Everybody wants to be healthy. Or maybe we just don’t want to be sick. Isn’t that the same? So the question is, how do we get that to happen? The answer is to use your key. “Get serious,” my editor said. “You have to stop 

“Those with cardiovascular disease not identified with diabetes…are simply undiagnosed.”

  Any heart disease in your family? Do you have any kind of heart or artery disease? Odds are really good because cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death in America. And maybe you are kinda worried about that heart attack, stroke, or  aneurysm. 

Reduce Diabetes Risk of Bad Stuff

This can be really scary. Folks with diabetes almost always have some bad stuff, stuff like nerve damage in our feet, eyes, and kidneys as examples.This is not “so what” stuff, rather these can be the beginning of pain, amputations, blindness, and kidney failure.

The Human Body Design is Magical – Plan B

The operation of the human body is truly magical because it has built-in backup plans. If only we weren’t so good at overriding the magic.