Alzheimer’s Prevention Part 4 – Nutrition Status

Essential Nutrients Here is the deal!  There are 27 vitamins and minerals, 10 amino acids (from protein), and 2 fatty acids (from fat) that are essential, non-optional, nutrients that you must get in your food!  Have you heard of those? Maybe and maybe not but, 

Is It Possible to Prevent Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s – Part 2

Part 1 in this Alzheimer’s series introduced my sweet mother-in-law as an awful but typical example of what happens with Alzheimer’s. I described how Alzheimer’s might be prevented and even treated, showing how the brain works and how that relates to dementia. By the way, 

The Psychology of Subtraction

Think about this. What food, what supplement, what medication can you take or feed to your family to fix their health?  Do you have or know children with sick brains? Do you have a parent with a sick brain? The fix is usually not in