Alzheimer’s Part 7 – Sleep and Stress

Prevention of Alzheimer’s Part 7 – Sleep and Stress With Part 7 we have reached the end of this series on prevention of Alzheimer’s. Perhaps you don’t quite remember everything involved in the first six parts. If so, a summary will undoubtedly be helpful. Part 

Alzheimer’s Part 5, Nutrient Deficiency Results in Excess Blood Sugar and Insulin

The point of this series is the possible prevention of Alzheimer’s. If you missed previous parts of the series you may find them by searching under the keyword Alzheimer’s. Part 4 highlighted how a nutrient deficiency in our diet makes us sick. The effects of 

Alzheimer’s Prevention Part 4 – Nutrition Status

Essential Nutrients Here is the deal!  There are 27 vitamins and minerals, 10 amino acids (from protein), and 2 fatty acids (from fat) that are essential, non-optional, nutrients that you must get in your food!  Have you heard of those? Maybe and maybe not but, 

Alzheimer’s Prevention Part 3 – Nutritional Status

This is the third in my Alzheimer’s prevention series. We now know there is no pill we can pop to make Alzheimer’s go away, so prevention is the key. And according to experts this is possible. You can read the the first two in this 

Is It Possible to Prevent Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s – Part 2

Part 1 in this Alzheimer’s series introduced my sweet mother-in-law as an awful but typical example of what happens with Alzheimer’s. I described how Alzheimer’s might be prevented and even treated, showing how the brain works and how that relates to dementia. By the way,