How long do you want to live?

My husband and I came to Montgomery County in 2001 after I had recovered from an autoimmune disease. For a while I worried (a lot) about whether, just any time, my illness would show up again. By the time my husband died in 2007 that 

Food Structure Matters

How long are we going to live? It depends. Long term human survival potential (how long we will hang around before we die) is first attached to our genes. We are stuck with the genes that produced us. But we can and and often do 

Staying Alive

Staying Alive

My grandaughter is a personal trainer with a CrossFit background turned firefighter. While we aren’t quite sure why she was drawn to firefighting we do know that her strength and fitness (unusually strong for a female) and willingness to commit long term made her a 

Too Much Body Fat?

Deciding your personal perfect diet requires you to know your goals and be prepared to make thoughtful choices. Sometimes those goals are pointed toward obvious allergic or sensitivity “symptoms” (I eat that and this is what happens.) Sometimes those symptoms are associated with chronic conditions. 

The Train is Leaving the Station

A baby train named IT was born this morning. There was a huge celebration, christened with a champagne bottle and everything. IT had been in the manufacturing plant for nine months and now is leaving the station for a long, long journey. A genius designed 

Consider the Health of Your Immune System

There is a difference between an illness we cause AND infections from outside invaders like bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemical toxins. However, both are depending on our immune system for recovery. Symptoms are clues that your immune system is triggered (engaged.) The more and longer-lived 

Welcome to “It’s All About the Food”

Here’s how it’s supposed work. You type in It’s All About the Food or food/health topic of interest on your internet tool of choice. Then, Shazam, you arrive on my website. But sometimes it doesn’t work. You have arrived in the wrong place. Click on 

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease

Mildred’s Celiac Disease Mildred is among four people I know who have Celiac disease. Three of those people have comfortable incomes and cope well with the limitations of their diet and lifestyle. Mildred (a real person with a fictitious name) is not among the three. 

The Tricky Part – Find The Food Triggers

The Tricky Part – Find The Food Triggers

Not feeling good for any reason is reflected in symptoms, both physical and mental. Those symptoms always mean that your immune system is working hard to fix something that has gone wrong. Most of us consider symptoms to mean we are sick. And rightly so. 

Immune System Response to Food

The last several posts have been focused on symptoms that can be created by the immune system’s responses to food – responses like sensitivity to a food, allergic to a food, and autoimmune conditions. These words are just labels intended to describe a condition at