Gasoline in the fuel tank is useless if the motor doesn’t run

We humans sometimes want to believe that food is just to make us happy. We relish the taste and the social aspects of eating. And while these are good things, both are really just side benefits.

Decision Time – Which Diet is Right for You?

Decision Time – Which Diet is Right for You?

With any luck at all, you have been following my articles on diet choices. You learned about the standard American Diet (appropriately called the SAD diet), Paleo, Keto, vegetarian/vegan, and carnivore.  If you missed any, you will find them by clicking on the names above. 

Vegan or Vegetarian? Or Maybe Carnivore?

Vegan or Vegetarian? Or Maybe Carnivore?

We are on a quest to review the major diet “types” talked about in the nutrition world today. Pushing past Paleo and, Keto,  we arrive here: what about vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore? One of the things that the Paleo, Keto, and even the Mediterranean diet 

Stop the assault on your body

In a recent post, Every Bite You Eat Is Either Fighting Disease or Feeding It, I said that “hundred or so years ago most of the chronic diseases so common today were rare or had never been heard of. There is a message here. These 

Are You a Captive of Your Genes – Cancer

  You could be on the downhill slide toward cancer. But if you are, your genes are likely only a minor contributor. You are not a captive of your genes unless you decide to be.. At the bottom line, our susceptibility to cancer lies in 

Are you a captive of your genes – what are genes?

Has anyone in your family had cancer, heart disease, or diabetes? Does that means you are destined to have these or any other conditions? Your thought, “It’s just in my genes?” Or are you of the notion that this is just bad luck and your 

Do Genes Matter?

You can’t see them or touch them but your genes are literally who you are. So they matter. The real question is, how much? I had my DNA tested to find out. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was really surprised. In 

Technology is Making a Difference in Cancer

I monitor research and progress on many chronic diseases including cancer. A lot of good stuff is happening with cancer and this post intends to bring you up to speed. But first let’s start with a little background so the “happenings” will make sense.

Your genes and your health

We always feel sorry for anyone who is sick and in pain. But aren’t you especially sorry when that someone is YOU and it goes on forever. In the beginning, whenever that was, it was just an aggravation. Then, slowly but surely, it got worse