Do Genes Matter?

You can’t see them or touch them but your genes are literally who you are. So they matter. The real question is, how much?

I had my DNA tested to find out. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was really surprised. In a series of posts I’m going to share with you what I learned about myself so you can consider what your DNA might mean to you.

Despite what you may have heard or read, you really aren’t a slave to your genes. But you do sometimes have to work around your genetic shortcomings. This series of posts entitled “Am I a Slave to my Genes?” may help you determine what those work-rounds might be for you.

The first post in the series answers the first question. What are genes and what do they do?  Clear that up right away. The second post will be rather specific to cancer and  genes. And the third (and perhaps others will follow) will be focused on a group of gene variations (differences) that could be setting me (and possibly you) up for trouble down the road.

The VAST majority of us humans have some version of this gene group variation. The vast majority is a large swathe of people, my friends, and you are among them.

My current interest results from my own experience. I had my DNA (see, you are already confused!) tested several months ago. I learned how some differences from normal (normal meaning usual) in my genetic makeup present a potential risk for illness.

I’m not big on being sick. Anyone who knows me or reads my material also knows that my game is prevention. I am a bit hard headed and refuse to be a slave to anything that some might consider inevitable.  So every post will discuss how I am minimizing or avoiding any risk associated with my genes. You can learn from my experience.

My main message is this: You are totally in charge of deciding what you accept as inevitable. You are not a slave to your genes unless you decide to be.

Follow this series, “Am I a Slave to my Genes, and make your own decision.

 Pat Smith is the author of “It’s All About the Food,” a book that guides nutritious food choices as the way to avoid illness and maintain a healthy weight. Pat is a resident of Montgomery County, AR: president of Ouachita Village, Inc .board of directors (Montgomery County Food Pantry):  chairman of the Tasty Acre project: and member of the Mount Ida Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors.