Could it be cancer?

Question “My friend next door has lost a lot of weight pretty fast. I asked her what diet she was on and she said she wasn’t. And she hasn’t been taking one of those drugs. But she does like how she looks in her clothes. 

Are You a Captive of Your Genes – Cancer

  You could be on the downhill slide toward cancer. But if you are, your genes are likely only a minor contributor. You are not a captive of your genes unless you decide to be.. At the bottom line, our susceptibility to cancer lies in 

An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention I learned this week that another friend has cancer, reminding me once again that cancer is ugly and devious. Treating active cancer is a battle. Gardeners, this is very much like the battle of the squash beetles in your vegetable garden. 

Technology is Making a Difference in Cancer

I monitor research and progress on many chronic diseases including cancer. A lot of good stuff is happening with cancer and this post intends to bring you up to speed. But first let’s start with a little background so the “happenings” will make sense.

The Human Body Design is Magical

Are you often sick? Do you have conditions that you don’t call “sick” but require you to see doctors and take medications? If so, that probably means your magical immune system isn’t doing its job. And that is a problem. What is magic? You see 

Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?

Nothing scares people more than cancer. Since publishing It’s All About the Food l I have been researching the relationship between obesity, diet, and cancer. This TED talk does an exceptional job of packaging all three in an easy to understand way. Yes, we can