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It’s a Journey – The Immune System

Imagine you have a $3M house smack in the middle of a dangerous part of town. Bad stuff goes on outside your perimeter. A tall concrete fence topped with barbwire surrounds your property; strategically placed cameras provide 360 degree views of the periphery. The gate 

It’s a Journey – The Digestive System

We started this journey on the highway, 60,000 miles of blood stream delivering everything to and from everywhere. You learned (at a very high level) how the highway is structured, how it can be damaged, and the consequences of damage. Two systems provide the primary 

It’s a Journey – the Inflammation Creep

As promised so far on this journey, the common chronic diseases (of which diabetes is one) creep along together due to inflammation. That means no one condition stands alone. Anything that activates your immune system is inflammatory. Inflammation is step one when the immune system 

It’s a Journey – The Exit Toward Diabetes

Happens all the time. In fact it happened to me. I start developing neuropathy in my feet and I ask the wrong doctor about it. That’s a complicated story but anyway he asks me, “Are you diabetic?” I say “No.” Turned out I was well 

It’s a Journey – Prevention vs Recovery

Welcome back to the Journey. In review, last week’s post has this quote from The American Heart Association. “The immune system plays an important role in obesity-induced adipose (fat) tissue inflammation and the resultant metabolic dysfunction, which can lead to hypertension, dyslipidemia,and insulin resistance and 

It’s a Journey – Sooner or Later

It’s a Journey – Sooner or Later

Sooner or later you will open the newspaper and find my obituary. I hope it says that I “passed peacefully” on a certain date. My daughter will have written that obituary, eloquently describing all my great qualities, some of which will be a stretch. My 

Staying Alive

Staying Alive

My grandaughter is a personal trainer with a CrossFit background turned firefighter. While we aren’t quite sure why she was drawn to firefighting we do know that her strength and fitness (unusually strong for a female) and willingness to commit long term made her a 

The Tricky Part – Find The Food Triggers

The Tricky Part – Find The Food Triggers

Not feeling good for any reason is reflected in symptoms, both physical and mental. Those symptoms always mean that your immune system is working hard to fix something that has gone wrong. Most of us consider symptoms to mean we are sick. And rightly so. 

Immune System Response to Food

The last several posts have been focused on symptoms that can be created by the immune system’s responses to food – responses like sensitivity to a food, allergic to a food, and autoimmune conditions. These words are just labels intended to describe a condition at 

The Ideal Diet for You – Part 2 You Are Not Dr. Diulus

In Part 1 you learned about the diet of Dr. Carrie Diulus, a Type 1 diabetic who doesn’t eat animal products, the best sources of protein, because they make her feel bad. She takes great care to select plant foods that meet her protein requirements