When You Don’t Know You are a Pioneer

Some of us remember when ATMs were a new idea. I am personally not a pioneer, figuring you can always tell the pioneers by the arrows in their butts. So I was entertained by the ultimate ATM issues that were not initially anticipated. But I 

Get healthy

Is being healthy important enough? So last week we got to the bottom line. GET HEALTHY. Healthy means the absence of symptoms, diseases (as diagnosed by a doctor), and medications. Environmental toxins (mercury, lead, mold, chemical fertilizers/insecticides/pesticides) definitely impact health, particularly in susceptible people. Stress, 

What’s for lunch?

You remember “Robert” don’t you? He’s the guy that said my newspaper column readers needed to know what to eat. So last week, in response to “Robert,” I wrote about breakfast. This week we are moving right along to lunch. Disclaimer First, please know that 

Alzheimer’s Part 6 – Why NOT Vegetable (Seed) Oils!

Woops!  I see that my series has mentioned avoiding vegetable (seed) oils repeatedly but never explained why that is important. A seed is something that can be planted in the ground (grain and legumes are the main ones) and will grow. So let’s just clear