The Ideal Diet for You – Part 2 You Are Not Dr. Diulus

In Part 1 you learned about the diet of Dr. Carrie Diulus, a Type 1 diabetic who doesn’t eat animal products, the best sources of protein, because they make her feel bad. She takes great care to select plant foods that meet her protein requirements 

Toxins in plants?

In my recent post, Seeking energy with the least effort , we did a fast track though the evolution of animal instincts to seek energy with the least effort, showing how that instinct gets us into trouble today. During our travels we happened on ways 

Seeking Energy With the Least Effort?

“I have to have something to eat. I’m starving.” The natural human (and in fact any animal’s) response to that signal is to find that energy with the least effort. This is an instinct carried over from millions of years of evolution. Let’s follow the