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Food Structure Matters

How long are we going to live? It depends. Long term human survival potential (how long we will hang around before we die) is first attached to our genes. We are stuck with the genes that produced us. But we can and and often do 

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

My recent post Good News for the New Year highlighted two successful weight loss stories published in The DeQueen Bee, DeQueen, Arkansas. Two women (I called them Cathy and Augusta) decided they had dealt with overweight trials and tribulations quite long enough and did something 

What’s the trade-off?

Decisions, decisions Every day we make decisions off-the-cuff, most of which seem to be short term. Should I get the oil changed in my car today? Is that the best use of my time versus my pocketbook?  It’s not as if you think carefully through