Looking for Something?

Looking for something having to do with food and nutrition?

Looking for something? If you have arrived on this page you were probably on Google or Yahoo searching for something. You posed a question and got possibly hundreds or even thousands of articles and videos. Maybe you looked at a few and discovered they didn’t exactly agree with each other. Been there, done that! Did you have enough time to do more research to find out which answer was correct? Or did you just assume that the first answer you found was right? Are you even sure you asked the right question?

Several years ago I was doing searching of my own, trying to find the answer to a seemingly simple question, What is a nutritious diet that will keep people healthy? This was not just idle interest; I meant to turn the answer into a cooking class for low income people. Unfortunately the answer did not turn out to be simple. In fact it took me several years to get to the bottom line. And it turns out that the folks needing to know that answer are – well, everyone, not just the low income.

Out with the cooking class (although it’s still on the back burner) and in with the book, It’s All About the Food. Why a book? Heaven knows a cooking class would have been simpler. Here is the deal! There is so much technical complexity, conflicting information, and politics intertwined in the business of nutrition and food that there is no way you and most other Americans are going to figure out that answer on your own. In the end I felt it was important to make the answer available to the public at large. That would be you!

There is no question about it. There are really good reasons why there is so much illness in this country. You and I have believed too many commercial advertisements and headlines, adapted too easily to the convenience of processed food. And to the largest degree the medical community is in the medicine business. The bulk of the research is done either by the food industry (for their benefit, not yours) or by medical science looking for new medicines to treat illness, not ways to prevent illness. Not much money in prevention. Medicine is not the answer to our problems. The answer is in our food.

It’s All About the Food provides a solid baseline of food/nutrition information, explains carefully why that is important to you, and dispels a certain amount of malarkey. The blog posts address new information discovered since the book went to press. I encourage you to read the book, follow me here for blog posts on important new information, and ask me questions. Click on “contact” at the top of the page.