When mothers know what is needed, you can count on us. We got it!


Let me tell you about mothers. We are more interested in what is good for our children than for ourselves. Slather those youngsters with sun screen while I burn to a crisp – a tan today is more important than the potential for skin cancer in the future FOR ME but not for for my children. My mother was deathly afraid of water and would do nothing to get over it. But she sent my sister and me for swimming lessons even before we went to school. When mothers know what is needed, you can count on us. We got it!

Most needs seem simple enough – clothes, a roof over your head, transportation, education, food. Maybe your standards for those are higher than your neighbor’s but at a basic level they seem the same. Just looking at clothes and automobiles, the decisions seem to revolve around your bankroll and personal preferences.

And the options are easy to identify. Both are marketed intensely in stores, newspapers and magazines, on television, on everything you use that is connected to the internet. If you like it and can pay for it, you are good to go. Clothes are pretty safe but cars are complicated and you don’t know beans about them except how to turn on the motor. Maybe you discover a little problem when your brakes fail going 70 mph down the interstate or the front wheels fall off. Sounds deadly!

So we can see with automobiles the danger is in what you DON’T KNOW. And the same thing is true of your body.

The construction, operation, and maintenance of motor vehicles is child’s play in comparison to the human body.  This isn’t Star Trek and the doctor has no magical scanning device that will even point to the source of trouble, nevertheless fix it. In a pinch, when your automobile fails you can get another one or (heaven forbid) walk. But the body you have is the only one you will ever have.

The trick with the body is knowing enough to assure that the fuel you give it to run on is the right fuel. It is downright remarkable how trustworthy you system can be if you just feed it correctly. And it is unfortunately also true that if you don’t feed it right, you can count on it to fail, leaving you sick or perhaps worse.

So, mothers of the world, there is stuff you need to know about nutrition. Read about it in  It’s All About the Food. When mothers know what is needed, you can count on us. We got it!