Is Alzheimer’s Preventable?

Unfortunately, diabetes doesn’t scare some people. But Alzheimer’s certainly does. So when you see that Alzheimer’s is a form of diabetes affecting the brain, then you may decide to pay more attention. Because particularly in cases of type 2 diabetes, prevention is almost always possible.

“We conclude that the term “type 3 diabetes” accurately reflects the fact that AD represents a form of diabetes that selectively involves the brain and has molecular and biochemical features that overlap with both type 1 diabetes mellitus and T2DM.”

The above is a quote from a National Institute of Health article readable in full here. .  

So, is type 3 diabetes (Alzheimer’s disease) preventable?  Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses this and also provides a video interview with Dr.David Perlmutter, author of Wheat Belly, about brain health and diet.

Alzheimer’s Disease—Yes, It’s Preventable!

By Dr. Mercola

Story at-a-glance

  • An estimated 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and an estimated 600,000 more may suffer from an often misdiagnosed subtype called “hippocampal sparing” Alzheimer’s
  • Since there’s no conventional cure, the issue of prevention is absolutely critical if you want to avoid becoming an Alzheimer’s statistic. Evidence points to lifestyle factors, primarily diet, as the driving forces of dementia
  • Fat avoidance and carbohydrate overconsumption are at the heart of the Alzheimer’s epidemic
  • Risk of Alzheimer’s is doubled in type 2 diabetics. Alzheimer’s has even been dubbed “type 3 diabetes,” as the disease involves a lack of brain-produced insulin
  • Heart disease also increases your risk of dementia, as arterial stiffness is associated with the buildup of beta-amyloid plaque in your brain, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease

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