Diabetics – Take Heed

My most recent posts are autoimmune related. While there is evidence that even diabetes has an autoimmune component, that component may just be that the food that got you to diabetes is likely to create other conditions as well.

In other words, pretty much everything that goes wrong in your body will be tied to food. Don’t you just hate it! So if you think of your diabetes as a stand-alone condition you are wrong.

The problem with diabetes in its early stages (before the good doctor diagnoses you) is that it may have no symptoms of its own. But eventually other “symptoms” start showing up. So when you have a heart “event,” just as an example, it won’t be uncommon for the doctor to discover you are also diabetic. Happens all the time.

A diabetic who keeps their blood sugar under control without medication is doing so with diet. There is no other option. Keeping blood sugar under control (or not under control) WITH medication has dangers of its own. Now why would that be?

Insulin levels in your body are the problem with diabetes. Medication does not reduce insulin levels. The right food alone does that.

This post from last June, “Those with cardiovascular disease not identified with diabetes…are simply undiagnosed.”, explains that, describing the food situation and potential consequences of an uncontrolled condition. Important to watch the video attached there; the consequences become abundantly clear.

My Book, It’s All about the Food, provides all the detail on food you need to know to make your diet right. Overcome any notion you have that you can eat anything in moderation. And if your situation is particularly bad, then consider getting in-depth information from Jenny Ruhl, the creator of this website. What They Don’t Tell You about Diabetes.   

There isn’t much about diabetes you can’t learn from Jenny Ruhl. You just have to want to know.