Consider the Health of Your Immune System

There is a difference between an illness we cause AND infections from outside invaders like bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemical toxins. However, both are depending on our immune system for recovery.

Symptoms are clues that your immune system is triggered (engaged.) The more and longer-lived the symptoms on your personal trigger list, the more your immune system is stressed and the greater the opportunity for failure.

The Health of Your Brakes

Consider the “health” of the brakes on your car. If you mistreat your brakes, don’t do maintenance, and exceed the lifespan of the parts you will get symptoms of deterioration – minor at first and then steadily worse.

The final breakdown will happen at seemingly the worst time. It’s the same worst time for the failure of your refrigerator, hot water heater, or lawn mower – anytime you need to use them.

Important differences between the brakes on a car and the human body are who performs the maintenance, the life span of the parts, and the ability to replace the parts. Ignoring symptoms until failure is to your financial and physical detriment in both cases.


The symptoms of the human body tell us that the immune diagnostic and repair system is engaged. Should we cross our fingers and hope for the best? No, no more than we should plug up our ears or tape over the brake failure warning light on the car’s dashboard?

When it comes to our bodies, the design provides for natural ongoing maintenance, maximizing the life span of the original parts. The immune system is standing on-ready to diagnose and repair. This post helps to see how that diagnosis and repair works. All we have to do is provide the nutrients it requires to do its job.

In a crisis replacing some body parts is possible, expensive and dangerous, but there is no such thing as an immune system transplant!


Into our mouths we shove stuff we can chew or drink. The combination of that stuff either provides the nutrition our immune system needs or it doesn’t. The nutrition that feeds the immune system is exactly the same nutrition that makes strong bones, glowing skin, and an operational brain. Exactly the same.

The right combination of nutrients is in whole food, food without ingredient lists. The more your diet consists of food with ingredient lists, the less likely you will get the full and right combination and the more likely you will be overweight.

Is it even possible to get all the nutrients you need in food with ingredients lists? For a variety of complex reasons you will never figure it out. But in the event that you are overweight and plagued with symptoms you can know you aren’t getting the right nutrients and are getting some you don’t want.

Whole Foods

Exactly which “whole foods” should be in your perfect diet? This is where variations in people’s genetics, current health, personal taste, and even religion can come into play. There are many options worthy of consideration. Begin thinking about how much your diet does or doesn’t consist of whole food.

Pat Smith is the author of “It’s All about the Food,” a book that guides nutritious food choices as the way to avoid illness and maintain a healthy weight. Proceeds from her book benefit the Montgomery County Food Pantry. Her website is She can be contacted at, 870-490-1836. Her Facebook page is